About Us

Who We Are

Summit for Educational Services is an Egyptian company working in the field of education through international partnerships with distinguished educational institutions inside and outside Egypt.

What We Do

We aim to contribute to the development and improvement of the educational process through the use of experts and specialists in this field seeking to make the process of teaching and learning an exciting journey, as well as to keep pace with the state plan and its interest in the development of education and create a generation of qualified students able to compete in the local labor, Arab and international market, a generation capable of keeping pace with the requirements of the state through the development projects that provide it, which need young people qualified and well developed.

In this context, the company has established the Port Said School Complex, which includes a range of schools, both international and private, which seek to provide a distinguished educational service with the introduction of advanced educational curricula and the use of the latest educational and technological means, while ensuring the rooting of the Arab identity as well as the development of activities and hobbies in the fields different with a view to building personality.